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Locker 42

Music score for a short film about a girl who sees imaginary characters covering issues of mental health and bullying

Lucid Dream Pictures, 2023


Bedlam High

Music score for a short film about a haunted school and the adventures of 3 girls. 

Lucid Dream Pictures, 2022

Trophy Hunters

Music score a short film about about the impact of the death of a sibling who was always winning trophies and accolades.

Lucid Dream Pictures, 2021


Arctic Legends

Music score in the epic Hollywood thriller style for a documentary film about 4 Oxford graduates on a daring expedition to a remote arctic island.

McIntyre TV, 2017



Music score for a film about the destructive influence of mobile phones on relationships

Virtue Media Productions, 2017



Music score in a dark industrial twisted electro vein for short film about serial killer

Ferrari/Tue, 2014


Book Shop

Music score for short film concerning magical book shop where you jump into the scenes in the books

Lucid Dreams Pictures, 2014


Dance in the Valley

Music score for short film part animation concerning a journey of a butterfly featuring street, ballroom and modern dance troupes from Andover area premiered at the Lights Art Centre, Andover shown at regional film festivals

Cass Productions/Test Valley Council, 2009


Wrong Time

Music score for short suspense film due to be shown at film festivals around the world

JEM Productions, 2008


Can You Take It?

Music score for film drama about a girl who has a chance encounter with another woman at a railway station.  Won a jury prize at Palm Springs Film Festival in 2008.  Shown to acclaim at Sydney Film Festival.

JEM Productions, 2008


Warrior Sisters

Music score, action film on fight between good and evil sisters set in a medieval world dominated by women.

Scantori Films, 2005



Music score, film on starting at senior school

Cass Productions 2003


Dark Hunter

Music score, horror film in Blair Witch vein on a Shropshire serial killer

Digital Guerrilla Film Makers, 2003


Moving On

Music score, film on bullying at school

Cass Productions/Southern Film Education, 2003


Once Upon A Time: A Funked Up Fairy Tale

Music score, film on drug taking and peer pressure

Cass Productions/Southern Film Education, 2002



Music score, film about an Arabian bottle of wine which never empties

Lucid Dreams Pictures, 2002


Once upon a Lunchtime

Music score, short film about a demon dinner lady

Liz Metcalfe, Bournemouth University Media School, 2002


Babes in the Wood

Music score, short film about a child kidnapping

Cass Productions/Southern Film Education, 2002


Backwards Going Forwards

Music score, short film about a haunted house

Cass Productions/Southern Film Education, 2002


Pirelli People

Music score and sound design, film on closure of Pirelli factory

Cass Productions, 2002



Music score, film about a runaway

Cass Productions/Southern Film Education, 2001





Enduro Africa

Incidental music for documentary film

Men and Motors, 2008


The Dive of My Life

Documentary from BBC’s security correspondent, Frank Gardner who was shot and paralysed by Al Keida in Saudi Arabia and goes back to the Middle East to dive in the Red Sea and quad bike through the dessert

BBC World Service/News 24, 2007


Sardine Fever

Music score, underwater wildlife film on mass sardine shoal off the coast of South Africa, world broadcast (including Discovery Channel)

Big Fish Television, 2007

Monkey Business

Incidental music for wildlife programme

Meridian Television for ITV networks, 2003


The Morning Show

Music score for feature on endangered dolphins

BBC1/Big Fish Television, 2003


Millvina and the Titanic Tourists

Music score and sound design for documentary

BBC2 Southern Eye/Big Fish Television, 2002


When Good Marriages Go Bad

Music score, television documentary

United Productions for Channel 5, 2002


A Slice of England

Afro-beat music score, reportage documentary for African television broadcast

Aquarian Productions, 2001

New Media


Promotional album for Paris-based Yoga school with strong ethnically-influenced yoga music.

Anamea School, Paris, 2017


Dive Britain

Promotional DVD featuring the best dives in the UK

British Sub Aqua Club/John McIntyre, 2007



Music score, underwater wildlife film on wrecks in the Red Sea, Interactive DVD

Big Fish Television/Sports Diver Magazine, 2007


Top 10 Dive Sites of the World

Music score, underwater wildlife film, interactive DVD

Big Fish Television/Dive Magazine, 2004

Spoof Fitness Video

Dance tracks for DVD

Endemol/Heat Magazine, 2003


Top 10 Sharks

Music score, interactive DVD documentary

Big Fish Television/Dive Magazine, 2003


To Dive For…the Red Sea

Music score, interactive DVD documentary

Big Fish Television, 2002


The Real Urban Ghosts

Music score, documentary on celebrated poltergeist case

Living Spirit Pictures (released as part of DVD version of Chris Jones/Genevieve Jolliffe’s feature film Urban Ghost Story), 2001




Corporate Video


Future Cities

Score for short promo film for a technology initiative of the Government involving ultra-tech cities

Cass Productions 2013


Iron Horse Vineyard

Various themes for Ipad app promoting vineyard and organic winemaking.

Content Canning Company, 2012


Top 1 Anthem

Various themes for promotional video for US oil company.

Content Canning Company 2012


World of Work

Idents, titles and stings for ESOL, part of Oxford University

Two Four Productions, 2008



EDLAG Disability Video

Music score and sound design, informational video on sporting and leisure facilities for the disabled community in Eastleigh area

Cass Productions, 2002


Challenge Events

Promotional video for MENCAP

Aquarian Productions, 2002


Barton Peverell College

Titles and underscore, promotional video for a Further Education College

Cass Productions, 2002


Anti-Smoking During Pregnancy Campaign

Titles and underscore, informational video for NHS trust

Cass Productions, 2002


Eastgate, Inverness

Music score, corporate video for re-launch of shopping centre

Blue Bug Television, 2002





Dive Magazine

Music for Dive Magazine

Big Fish Television, 2003

Ricemaster, Saatchi & Saatchi, Unilever, Abstinence, Panther and Government National Road Safety, GTP Ad Campaigns

Music for various commercials for broadcast on Ghana television

Latitude Films, 2002-2007





Sun Rises    (2012 CD Baby)


Dream Zone (2014 CD Baby)


Dream Zone 2 (2015 CD Baby)


Binaural Bliss with Ian Close (2015 CD Baby)


Essence with Ian Close (2015 CD Baby)


Meditatia: Guided Meditations Volume 1 (2015 CD Baby)


The Chakra Suite (2015 CD Baby)


Cantatia    (2016 CD Baby)


Yoga Beats (2016 CD Baby)

Autumn Reverie (2017 CD Baby)

Sanctus (2018, CD Baby)

Christmas Mood Music, Soothe Your Soul (Aquarian Records, 2018)

The Gaia Suite (2022, CD Baby)

Bansuri Frequencies Volume 1 (CD Baby, 2023)

Bansuri Frequencies Volume 2 (CD Baby, 2023)

Karen's Album (CD Baby, 2023)

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