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The Gaia Suite-The Sanctus Project

The Gaia Suite is the music written for Luke Jerram's Gaia, a large art installation of the earth which tours the world.  Featuring tracks which focus on different geographical features of the planet ie. oceans, jungle, forests, desert.  The album highlights the beauty and fragility of the earth in these times of climate crisis.  The track Time is Running Out is a call for the people of the earth to transcend political boundaries and come together to save the world.   Fragile Earth is a poignant piano and soprano saxophone piece highlighting the delicate nature of living existence on the planet.  Mother Gaia is the closing dramatic planet in which it is envisaged that even if humans do not rise to the challenge of global climate change, Mother Gaia will remain and heal the planet once again.  The Sanctus Project is Dominic Beeton on synthesisers, piano, handpan, djembe, Chinese wind gong, bell tree and Ian Close on soprano and alto saxophone.

The Gaia Suite Album Cover-Dominic Beeton
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