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Sun Rises

This album is a collection of gorgeous piano music designed to heal and soothe the soul.  The album opens with the amazing vocal talents of Maggie Boyle singing in gaelic a traditional Irish song with sumptuous orchestration. Listen also to the haunting Camille piano track underpinned with minimal synth wash.  Secret Beginnings was a piece composed and inspired by Rhonda Byrne's seminal book "The Secret".  Similarly, the "Stillness of Now" was inspired by Eckhard Tolle's books.  "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" was inspired by Thomm Hartman's remarkable book of the same name.  "Solace" is a gorgeous guitar track which is just waiting for a film.   So kick off your shoes, put the headphones and find some "Solace" in this gorgeous collection of compositions. 

Sun Rises Album Cover-Dominic Beeton
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