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Meditatia Guided Meditations Volume 1

This album contains 7 guided meditations varying in length. The first meditation on breathing is intended as a perfect introduction to meditation and gives gentle and easy guidance on breathing which is at the core of all meditations. The second meditation helps you to remain grounded which is essential when working with the spirit world. The meditation then goes on to help you align our energy with source energy, the energy that comes from the creator of the universe. We then get to meet our spirit guides for the first time and learn how they can help and guide us in our daily lives and toil. The decision meditation is for use when you have a major decision to make and need some extra help in choosing the right path. The stress meditation is aimed at removing stress from your life and the sleep meditation which is over 30 minutes long is to help you go to sleep especially if you have trouble going to sleep or suffer from insomnia. All of the meditations have beautiful specially composed music on them. The meditations were all written and narrated by Dominic Beeton and he composed and performed the music on them as well. 

Meditatia Guided Meditations Volume
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